How are you feeling today?”

The Norwich 2040 Local Cultural Education Partnership would like to invite schools and other educators from across Norwich and the surrounding areas to be part of an exciting collaborative project, which aims to enable every child and young person in our city to take part in heartening shared creativity. The partnership will support schools and their pupils to create small figurines that capture how they are feeling as we come back together as a community.

This is based on a project delivered by our partner school Ormiston Victory Academy as part of their recovery curriculum back in September 2020. Each student was given a piece of plasticine and a small paper flag they can write on, with an invitation to create a figure that explores their feelings about lockdown, returning to school, and their own wellbeing. The project used inspiration from Antony Gormley and his ‘Field’ installations. Students created figures to represent how they were feeling at that moment in time. They also used this as an opportunity to try and reintroduce haptic learning back into the class – with so many young people just being online and on screens all day rather than using their hands and making.

The project is designed to be simple and accessible, and to work for a mix of age ranges and settings. Over the course of 2021, we invite every child and young person in Norwich to engage and create their own figurine, with the idea of bringing all of these together to display across the city in a variety of settings and ways.

How your school can get involved

The project is open to all primary, secondary and SEN settings in Norwich and the surrounding areas. There is no fixed deadline and we’d like this to be an ongoing journey through this year of transition for us all, coming back together as a school, community and city. Whether you can get involved right away or would like to work towards participation later in the year, please return this Expression of Intent form to let us know where you stand and what you will need from the partnership to make it happen. You can begin as soon as you like and we aim to exhibit the first wave of figurines across Norwich this July. If you’d like to be part of this first phase we will definitely need your form by Friday 30 April.

All images © Rebecca Mizon at Ormiston Victory Academy

The Norwich 2040 City Vision Local Cultural Education Partnership

The Norwich 2040 LCEP is a network of Norwich’s creative and cultural organisations, educators, schools and young people. Our mission is to make sure that all of the children and young people in the city and surrounding areas have access to our rich creative sector and its opportunities. The partnership is led by Norwich City Council in line with their Norwich 2040 Vision for the city. If you have any questions contact the Norwich 2040 Coordinator Milly at