Thanks to everyone who took part, performed, crafted or watched any of our very first virtual festival this July. We’ve certainly got a creative and talented young county. We’re so proud of everyone who made it happen.

But if you missed it! Or loved it so much, you want to do it all over again, with some extra panache – never fear. This August we’re launching Summer Wind Down: weekly golden nuggets of festival wonder, all wrapped up with a tasty activity to get your teeth in to.

So whether it’s visual art, dance, writing or music you’ve got a craving for this summer, we’re here to titillate your cultural taste buds with inspiration from our county’s finest young talent. Tune in and get creative.

Every Monday of August we’ll be posting a video and some activities here on our website, watch this space for our first, on Monday 3rd August



The Great Outdoors

This week it’s all about the Great Outdoors. We’re revisiting our virtual gallery, curated and full of artwork by Norfolk’s young people. We had lots of entries inspired by the great outdoors. A lot of us have found great joy and new connections with our natural spaces. This activity gives you a chance to celebrate your favourite outdoor spaces, in new ways, inspired by some of the young artists in the exhibition.

Have a look at some of the artists in our Hope room of the gallery space, you can find it by navigating yourself there from Boo Green, Benji Fox, Amy Rose Williams and Kenna Winter are all inspired by the outdoors, if you click on their pieces, you can find out more about their work.

On the ceiling of the Hope room you’ll find Boo Green’s origami flowers. She took photos of her garden in lockdown, and turned them into flowers. It made some of us think about the ever-changing ways of nature, since it morphed from photo to flower. It also helps us think about our own creative outputs in new ways, as we turn one form of art-a two-dimensional photo or drawing- into a 3-dimensional form. 

Activity 1:

Choose your favourite lockdown outdoor spot and take a photo or draw a picture of it. Once you’re done, turn it into something else, maybe a paper aeroplane or a boat. Maybe you could make a paper bird, take a look at Access to Art’s instructions here.

Activity 2:

Got some more time? Once you’re done, have a look at how our young curators chose to display Boo’s work in the Hope room of our virtual gallery. This room was designed to connect to the outdoors, with the sand on the floor, and to create a calm atmosphere, with the pale blue walls and the choice of artwork. Spend some time absorbing the atmosphere. How does it make you feel? What does it make you think of? How would you like people to experience your folded creation? Why not put it back in its outdoor space, or create a backdrop for it with coloured paper that reflects a mood you would like to create. You could hang it by a string, position it on a flower, whatever takes your fancy. 


We’d love to see. Post the results on social media with #YNASummerwinddown #TheGreatOutdoors

Want More?

Our local bridge organisation, connecting our region’s children and young people with great art and culture, have been working hard with local partners, artists and 64 million artists to create this fabulous Let’s Create pack.

If you have some more time why not try some of their activities, also inspired by the Great Outdoors. On p.16 you’ll find Green Fingers by Rebecca Liles and on p.9 Change in the Weather by our very own trustee, Lewis Buxton.

Thanks for coming along this week everyone, see you next week, with more, fun packed creative inspiration.



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