A vibrant creative community, open to anyone aged 16-25 and based in Norfolk

Through regular in-person and online meetings, training sessions, creative workshops, the Collective have the opportunity to collaborate and develop the skills and knowledge to enable them to produce and promote creative events, activities and exhibitions, such as our annual Young Norfolk Arts Festival.

New Collective members will have the opportunity to: 

  • Produce, promote and manage arts events and exhibitions

  • Learn and develop new creative skills alongside professional artists

  • Gain training and mentoring from industry professionals

  • Develop knowledge of the creative and cultural industries

  • Support the promotion and running of a vibrant arts festival and organisation

  • Write, design and deliver copy for all media including the YNA Zine and blog.

  • Record and document YNA activities through film, photography, writing blog posts and gathering audio recordings for podcasts and radio broadcasts.

  • Attend and support a range of Young Norfolk Arts Events as well as events run by our partner organisations.

  • Become ambassadors of youth arts and cultural development in the Norfolk area

  • Enhance CV’s and career prospects 

  • Review and evaluate YNA events and activities.

  • Initiate ideas for future YNA activities.

  • Work towards a bronze and silver Arts Award

Please complete this form if you are interested in joining this year’s Collective and come along to our welcome session on Friday 24th May at 6pm in the View Room in the Forum Norwich NR2 1BH.

Watch Our YNA Docu Film

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“It’s a fantastic resource for discovering the world of arts in Norfolk, how you can get into it and where you want to be within it”.

“It was a great opportunity for learning new skills, to meet new people and to get experience behind the scenes.”

“The Young Norfolk Arts team are really attentive to your personal development, providing opportunities tailored to your particular skill set and interests,”



The Young Creative Market is a platform for new and emerging creatives aged 16 – 25, to give them the opportunity to show and sell their work and products, with a focus on those who may have never done anything like this before in a safe and supportive environment.

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Let members of the YNA Collective on a sonic adventure!

Sound Systems explores our very own individual theme tunes; the songs our nervous systems crave and sing.

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Celebrating the wonderful extraordinary ordinary lives of local LGBT+ people.

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ReConnect ReDiscover ReEngage

An exhibition curated by the YNA Collective and inspired by the experience returning to friends, family, nature, your community and the city as lockdown eases.

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On Thursday 3 December, members of the YNA Collective took over ‘The Social’ on BBC Radio Norfolk. Listen below for creative prompts and inspiration, original music and spoken word, and interviews with local young artists, musicians and creatives, and exploring creativity during lockdown.

no space, every place

As part of the virtual Young Norfolk Arts Festival 2020 the YNA Collective curated no space, every place – a virtual exhibition bringing together work made by young people across Norfolk in response to lockdown.


Produced by the YNA Collective.

A zine is a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter.


Written and produced by the Collective, the YNAC blog features news, reviews and creative responses to events and projects. Click here to visit the blog.


YNA Collective Juke Box; James, Taylor, Immy, Heidi and Taryn choose tracks for the Future Radio Juke Box.

During YNAF 2018 Future Radio provided radio training for the young communications team and this juke box put together by the team was their first experience of recording in the Future Radio studios in the centre of Norwich.


Circus took centre stage in 2018 to celebrate the 250th anniversary since the art-form was born! Norwich was selected as a Circus 250 host city

Selected as a Circus 250 host city, Norwich’s Lord Mayor’s Celebration concluded around a parade of elephants, a circus themed Lord Mayor’s Street, street performances and exhibitions, followed by Chapelfield Summer Circus, a celebration of circus in the big top the following week. The events were created by local and national artists working with the community to tell the rich story of Circus in Norwich. YNA worked with local schools, artists and internationally renowned Kinetika to create outsized flags and creative costumes for this wonderful event. There was also a preview at the Great Yarmouth Carnival.


Young Norfolk Arts Trust is a charity which uses all its income to provide life changing opportunities for young people across Norfolk. Every project and activity is offered to children and young people for free, including our yearly festival programme. Support us by donating what you can…