Change was a pop-up exhibition by our Young Norfolk Arts Collective held at Studio 20 Norwich, in December 2021. The Collective wanted to focus around the idea of change. How does art bring change? The exhibition will be the evolution of artistic ideas, how one idea can change and influence another, through a response or reaction to a previous concept or material like Chinese whispers. This theme is loosely interpreted to encompass an array of artworks including; poetry, music and visual art by the Collective themselves.

Samuel Shepperson, Cop26 coalition march for climate change, 6th of September 2021 Norwich, photography series.

Earl Murdoch, Lake, 2021 Audio, participant-drawn paper and pen.

This work is the result of a soundwalk I went on in October with Martin Scaiff, an experienced field recorder and academic at UEA. I found it meditative and I found it enabled me to be more aware of the environment around me. I used Audacity to interweave the different layers of audio created by different microphones, and also recorded some sparse piano over the top. For this exhibition I also wanted an element of participation, so I invite listeners to create their own response to the soundscape to be displayed. 

My inspirations include Hiroshi Yoshimura, Haruomi Hosono, and of course Martin Scaiff.