Invest in the next generation of Artists, Makers and Creators!


Young Norfolk Arts is a charitable organisation that provides opportunities for children and young people to create and engage with creativity and culture across Norfolk.

The Trust champions the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Norfolk and works to ensure that local young people are presented with a multitude of ways to explore it in a way that enriches education and enhances aspirations. By supporting Young Norfolk Arts you help empower children and young people to engage in creativity, build connections with like-minded people and careers. Your support will help us to run exciting projects, sessions and workshops both in person and online, so that everyone can benefit from access to art and invest in industry professionals and expert staff who bring them to life, securing Norfolk’s artistic future.

The arts enrich our communities and society

  • They can bring us together, so we can share thoughts and feelings, make meaningful connections and imagine new possibilities.
  • They can help us to understand and empathise with others, building bridges so we can live together better.
  • They can make Norfolk a more vibrant and interesting place to live.
  • They can give us a shared identity and sense of belonging.

I joined YNAC in 2017. Since being part of the Collective, I’ve gone on to work in the film and TV industry as a video editor for the past 5 years. I then worked on short film factual, educational and entertainment content for the BBC and edited my first 10 part series for CBBC.

YNA Collective Alumni and Videographer: Tallulah

Your donations will help us to deliver the next 10 years of YNAT:

  • To run a session for young people is £300 (in 2022 we ran 31 YNA Collective sessions with 341 participants).
  • A room to rent for in-person sessions is approximately £50.
  • £15.50 pays for a monthly Zoom subscription to allow young people to engage with us remotely.
  • £10 will pay for workshop materials such as zines and £20 will cover more robust materials such as lino printing.
  • £10 will also cover travel costs for a person living in rural Norfolk to attend a session.

Want to find out more about what we do? Take a look below to see what we have been up to and hear from some of our YNA Collective Members.


Purchase a limited edition YNAF 10 year T-shirt created by illustrator Tricia Mercer-David!

Grab one of our YNAF 10 Year Limited Edition T-shirts, created by illustrator and YNA Collective member Tricia Mercer-David!

These T-shirts are going for £25 + postage with all profits going towards the continuation of Young Norfolk Arts, our annual festival and the YNA Collective.

If you wouldlike to order a T-shirt, please get in touch with to recieve an order form.

Watch this documentary made by YNA Collective Member Digby and find out more about us!

Film created by YNA Collective member Digby.


We also accept gifting of art materials that can contribute to the developemtn and learning of our sessions and workshops for young people. If you would like to gift materials please click the button below to send us an email!


What does it take to pursue a creative path? The Young Norfolk Arts Collective Nest is a mini-series podcast hosted by collective alumni Amelia Long.


I felt very supported by the YNAT team, both with the exploration of my ideas and the logistics involved in the process of realising those ideas. YNA Collective Member

I joined the collective hoping to do some networking post-uni. Having graduated during covid, I lost the physical premises of a creative environment and wanted to re-emerge myself in a artistic community in whatever way I could. YNA Collective Alumni & Artist: Maddie Exton

I participated in the Cyanotype workshop and am very likely to attend something like this again. The best things was the friendly atmosphere of young people. You guys are brilliant and I would love to get more info on how to be involved in YNAF.

YNAF 2023 Participant

I’m so glad the participants enjoyed the tasters, we certainly did- it was a really lovely atmosphere and thank you for taking such good care of us!

YNAF 2023 Facilitators: Stripped Sets

I enjoyed learning and doing things that usually aren’t accessible. Skill sharing and learning from the YNA team to the other members of the Collective. Also loads of different ways to get involved with different intensities.

YNA Collective Member & Illustartor: Tricia Mercer-David