Following on from last year’s Creative Multilingualism project, this year we are asking what does language mean to you?

We’re inviting young artists aged 5-25 to respond to the question; what does my language mean to you? This could be your own language, or that of your family, friends and community. You can respond as part of your school group, individually or with members of your household.

Your submitted work will be showcased as part of YNAF 2020 and on the my language website.

What can I submit?
  • draw or paint
  • create a short film
  • take a photograph
  • tell a story or poem in your language
  • record a song or piece of music
How can I submit?

You can upload a photograph of your artwork, a film, recordings, poetry or stories to or email them to info@youngnorfolkartsorg. This is an ongoing project with no deadline 

Please note we cannot accept submissions via post. If your file is too big to send or you need any support please contact us at the email above.

The Creative Multilingualism project was part of YNAF 2019. It was inspired by a Multilingual Concert for primary schools organised last June by the Oxford-led research project Creative Multilingualism (