There can be little doubt that 2020 has provided some particular challenges to putting on an arts festival for young people. However, creativity and self-expression are for me core elements of being human; like water finding cracks in the rock, people find a way of giving rein to their imagination and getting themselves heard in one way or another.

Young people are particularly good at this in my experience, perhaps because they do not see the same barriers and divisions as adults. So it is no surprise that YNAF’s response to restriction has been to go virtual and I have no doubt that we are all in for a multi-artform treat in the coming weeks.

All this is only possible, of course, because of the amazing YNAF team who have themselves been creative in adaptation of existing schemes and the dreaming up of new cultural opportunities for young people of all backgrounds and ages. The Trustees and I are grateful to all for the hard work which has gone to making our Virtual YNAF the success it will undoubtedly be. Whether you are from Norfolk or further afield, stand by for an extravaganza of performance and organisation for your viewing and participating pleasure!


Steffan Griffiths

Chair of Young Norfolk Arts

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