All of us at Young Norfolk Arts Trust are committed to continuing to fulfil our aims and objectives and to supporting our Partners and the young people with whom we work in this current period of uncertainty. In reality this will mean that the methods of delivery of our programme will change but we will aim to keep as much running as possible.

In the short term we and the National Centre for Writing have taken the sad but inevitable decision to postpone to the autumn the >Engage Works event scheduled for this Saturday 21st March. We will let you know the new date for this as soon as we can.

We will maintain close and regular virtual contact with our Collective and ensure that there are still opportunities with which they can be involved. We will promote these opportunities as widely as possible so please encourage the young people with whom you work to participate if they would like to. Meetings and workshops can be delivered virtually, and social links and networks can be maintained across digital platforms.

n the longer term, the Young Norfolk Writing Competition is still open and we are keen to see as many entries as possible. Festival planning continues and we will look at imaginative plan Bs for all events in case venues remain closed in the summer and mass gatherings are still not possible. We will keep everyone updated as the situation develops. We will all need creative activity to lift our spirits in the coming weeks and we will rise to the challenge of ensuring that we can still offer opportunities for that to happen, and will continue to celebrate the abundance of young talent in the County.